Greatest Cydya applications for your Iphone

November 27, 2014

Let us check a few of the greatest cydia applications regarding Iphone-4 out to see the things they do for your precious Apple device! If you have jailbroken your iPhone you possibly know-all about their upgrades as well as cydia applications. For individuals who are current iPhone proprietors, Cydia programs are application for that iOS […]

What is Cydia Download Store and How to Install It

July 16, 2014

What Is Cydia Store? If you enjoy customizing your iOS-based device, but you do not want to spend so much money on purchasing all those apps and tweaks available in Appleā€™s App Store, then you have the possibility to download Cydia Store in order to get all those great apps free of charge. With Cydia, […]

Should Apple Use For the iDevices Curved Screens?

May 29, 2014

And so begins the revolution that is curved if we’re not there. According to a brand new report from Bloomberg, Apple is purportedly focusing on new iPhone layouts that include smartphones featuring curved displays, larger displays, and displays that can find the particular amount of pressure you’re applying to them giving users more specificity over […]

The Way to Jailbreak IPhone 4.

January 29, 2014

The way that it functions, what dangers it bears, what fines you’ll be able to endure for it, and so on. All details will be covered with us within this post on whatever you’d need to learn about this. We’ll first begin using a little concerning the method of jailbreaking. It’s crucial before you begin […]

Preserving the Erased Private Texts from Your IPhone

December 26, 2013

Today, we’ve got lots of private documents on COMPUTER, iPhone, iPad, or several other-devices. Private information is essential for practically any individual. It’s simple to get the PC restoration programs. However, is there any effective instrument which may recover information in the iOS devices? The response is certainly YES. Early because the first delivering of […]

Battery Saving Cydia Tweaks for iPhone

June 4, 2013

There are so many benefits of performing jailbreak on your device and gaining access over Cydia. As it is expected, Cydia Store is the main reason why people choose to jailbreak their devices. The process is pretty simple and easy, and it can be performed in a couple of minutes with no risk or problem. […]

Using Cydia for the First Time

March 4, 2013

I know many people that as soon as they bought a new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, they hurried to jailbreak it. This is because jailbreaking is offering us many more possibilities than a regular phone. For example, with a normal device, users are not able to change themes or to install third party apps […]

5 essential Cydia apps to download

September 4, 2012

The Cydia store increases its products day by day. Here is the place where you can find almost anything you want starting with performance and battery tweaks, to photo apps and ending with music tweaks. Each Cydia source contains a category of tweaks, apps or extensions. When you do not find something on a specific […]

Get an iPhone car kit!

August 29, 2012

An iPhone vehicle kit makes it possible for a driver to integrate his Apple smartphone with his car or truck system, making it much easier for the driver to use his mobile device while driving. Safe driving is exceptionally necessary not just for the motorist, yet likewise for individuals on the streets who might experience […]

Cydia download

5 Great iPad apps

July 30, 2012

There are many people who use iPads that are big fans of the iPad apps. This is the reason why I am going to talk about the best 5 iPad apps that I enjoy using. Evernote is one more cloud-based note service that is just one of my top efficiency apps for iPad and one […]